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    Herb Potato Soup (Incognito)

    A few days ago, my sister-in-law dropped off about 10 lbs of potatoes (from her 100 lbs) at my door. I was eager to accept the free food but soon realized that my one son, who absolutely refuses to enjoy even one bite of a potato in any form except fried little sticks, would probably be hitting up his friends for invitations to dinner to avoid having to eat a potato.  So I knew I had a real a challengeto deal with, but not one I was going to back down from. I needed to find a way to use 10 lbs of potatoes before they go bad AND so my son would enjoy them. …

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    Veggie Time…A Stock That Rocks!

    When people hear the term “vegetable stock” they usually think; vegan, health nut, yuck or what?  Turns out vegetable stock is not only healthy for you but very simple to make.  …and it adds so much flavor and richness to your sauces, soups or gravies without adding a lot of calories. As incentive to try this recipe, I will soon post another favorite recipe that uses this vegetable stock.  It is one you won’t want to miss – so spend a few minutes cutting up some veggies and get them boiling in a pot.  I promise it will be worth all the little effort this takes  (seriously, yoga is more difficult than this is)!…