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    Stoneground Restaurant

    It’s another day of possibilities and I am curled up in my favorite knit blanket, sitting on my newly made bed, watching the “butter queen” – that would be Paula Deen, making candies loaded with tons of sugar and butter. (Did she just say she’s kind of “dewey eyed” over the candy? ) The only thing that is missing now is a mug of hot chocolate.  If I hadn’t just finished my workout maybe I’d endulge in that too but no, I shall resist. My purpose for this post is to talk about a restuarant here in Salt Lake City that I think has one of the best dishes this side of the Mississippi…

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    The Savory Palate!

    This quarter I have been heavily involved with the restaurant at the Art Institute.  It is called the “Savory Palate” and even though it is not a big establishment, it does seat up to 50 people.  The purpose of having a restaurant at school is so that we, the students, can gain valuable restaurant experience in a controlled and somewhat less chaotic atmosphere.  It has been one of the best classes I have taken to date simply because it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory! I have a greater appreciation for good, better and best service as well as for “bad day” service, of which I will be a…