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    The Saute Pan

    As promised in my post covering the pros and cons of pot and pans, I want to talk about the Saute’ pan and it’s function in the kitchen. This pan has a flat bottom and straight sides.  The flat bottom promotes even cooking while the straight sides help to circulate the air in the pan and keeps liquids from spilling over the side.  It’s one of my top vital pans for the kitchen.  It comes in several sizes, from 2 qt to 6 qt.  I started with a 3 qt saute pan and later bought a 6 qt because the size of my family grew (literally grew as in got bigger…

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    The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans

    For many people pans have become something that either collect dust in the cupboards or a necessary nuisance to scrub after burning dinner.  But that can all change by simply learning about them.  What are they made of, how do I cook with them and what type of pan do I use for what purpose.  Well, read on my friends and we will explore together the pros and cons of pots and pans! In this first part of a series, let’s look into what type of pans you have to choose from: Aluminum Pros: Light weight, best heat conductor of all the metals (next to copper), comes is non-stick or…