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    The Sauce Pan

    Continuing the series mentioned in The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans  , today it’s all about the Sauce Pan. A flat bottom and high straight sides make it pan perfect for many jobs in the kitchen.  Just like the Saute pan, this too comes in many sizes from 1 qt to 4 qt.  These pans are fabulous for soups, rice, sauces, risotto, potatoes and anything else you want to throw in them.  This is another pan the gets used daily in my kitchen!  I have both, a 2 qt and a 4 qt, one doesn’t get used more than the other.  I use these pans for warming foods,…

  • Informational

    The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans

    For many people pans have become something that either collect dust in the cupboards or a necessary nuisance to scrub after burning dinner.  But that can all change by simply learning about them.  What are they made of, how do I cook with them and what type of pan do I use for what purpose.  Well, read on my friends and we will explore together the pros and cons of pots and pans! In this first part of a series, let’s look into what type of pans you have to choose from: Aluminum Pros: Light weight, best heat conductor of all the metals (next to copper), comes is non-stick or…