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    You’d Never Know They Are Gluten Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    Every morning I try to send my kids off to school with a good breakfast and a full stomach!  Being that I cannot have gluten anymore it has been a serious challenge to find good, relatively inexpensive breakfasts that we all can enjoy.  Not every breakfast is a huge hit on the yummy scale (oatmeal being the culprit of many tears, despite my creative flare of  flavor.) but today was a major win for me, breakfast and my plot to make ordinary food healthier. My family loves pancakes but they are usually a carb and sugar buffet  that leads to a major blood sugar crash!  That isn’t good for young…

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    With Patience Comes The Pay Off!

    Some days it seems as though our troubles, stresses and unhealthy bodies over take our minds to the point of consuming us altogether.  It is these days that can either make us or break us in this life. Today is a bright sun shining day and I am full of optimism for the future, ready to tackle it with great strength and resolve.  But this day only comes because of the dark days that preceded it.  During the dark days we tend to look at life and our troubles as too much to bear for one person, all-consuming and downright devastating.  I am here to tell you, and myself, look…

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    Pass Me The Bone Broth Please!

    Over the past 7 months life has been anything but routine.  From Health issues to joblessness to the busiest summer on record for our family, it has been a ride I’d rather not repeat.  With that said, I have learned so much in the past months that otherwise could have taken years because of the necessity to learn! Without going into all that I have been doing in this one post, I have chosen to address the questions I get about my health over the course of time.  Hopefully, through something that I am learning about and doing, you can glean greater understanding for yourself.   None of my blogging is…