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    Dry Heat Cooking – Broiling

    Dry heat cooking has several types of cooking methods within this category. Broiling Grilling Roasting Baking Sautéing Pan frying Deep-frying To begin, let’s start with Broiling! This method may be self-explanatory but in case you are new to this type of cooking, it is using radiant heat from an overhead source to cook your foods. I use this method for cooking large amounts of toast, reheating pizza, caramelizing sugar on custard and browning meringue on lemon meringue pies. I also use this cooking method to add finishing touches of caramelizing to many dishes just before removing them from the oven. When broiling to cook or finish your dishes, be very vigilant…

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    Principles of Cooking

    Many times I have been asked about “how to cook” and when to use a certain type of cooking methods.  Because of this, I have decided to do a series of posts dedicated to this topic.  I think the Principles of Cooking are important to understand for the mere fact of knowing there are several different methods to cooking depending on the type of food being cooked.  I am sure many cooks out there use several of the methods I will cover here but possibly without knowing why they use them or how to use them correctly.  Hopefully, I can shed a little more light and knowledge on these topics.…