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    Les Madeleines Patisserie and Cafe

    Les Madeleines, owned by Romina Rasmussen, has quickly become one of my most favorite hot spots for irresistible, taste bud tantalizing and down right yummy goodies.  They are best known for their Kouing Aman (QUEEN- Aman).  A rich buttery (and I mean B-U-T-T-E-R-Y) pastry that many will stand in line to get before their doors even open.  This lovely, flaky, handful of deliciousness is what some might say would cause them to fall off their wagon.  (You know what wagon I am talking about.  The one that carries you away from your refrigerator for weeks at a time…the same wagon that won’t let you stop at any fast food drive-thru’s!)  However, don’t let me…

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    Crazy About Cupcakes!

    What is it about a cupcake that makes everyone so crazy about eating them?  Is it their cute shape?  Tiny little size?  Or maybe it just reminds us of times gone by when we used to sit on the porch as a kid and eat them with our friends.  Well, I don’t know what all the reasons are for everyone else but for me, it’s the challenge of making a good one (without a box)! I thought I would share with you a few little tips I have learned in the last few weeks.  (Feel free to comment with tricks you have for making your favorite little cakes.)       Tip #1…