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    What’s Your Passion?

    Have you ever been asked,”What’s your passion in life?”  This is a question my husband, John, and I talk about often. So,when I finally sat down and really thought about it, I realized I have 3 passions. – My first passion would be my family.  I love to be with them whether we are outdoors playing in the mountains or snuggled in our bed watching a movie and eating popcorn!  They are my support, my lifeline! – My second passion is my faith.  My religious beliefs keep me grounded in what is important in this life and guides me to make the best choices for me and my family. –…

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    2nd Term Complete

    I guess when the mice are away the big cat will come out to play.  Yes, John is gone for the weekend and I am ready to PARTE’.  I have finished my 2nd term of culinary school and funny enough I don’t feel nearly as brain fried and I thought I would.  Ok, for those of you who suffered through the 6 weeks of my online math class I am sure you have a very different outlook on my mental status.  But, since that class finished I have been crusin through the rest of my classes. I honestly loved nutrition (who would have known) and thought my management by menu…

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    One down, 42 to go!

    Sanitation and Safety (CUL104) is now done.  I have passed that class with flying colors and hopefully have gotten my certificate saying I know how to wash my hands properly.  I won’t know that for another 2 weeks. Not to worried though, I figure I have lived this long without to many visits to the hospital with food borne illnesses I can make it the rest of my life without to much trouble. Anyone want to come over for dinner? In all seriousness, I love school.  This next quarter though could prove to be my undoing.  I am registered for 4 classes, Monday through Thursday.  The only bright spot in…