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    Stoneground Restaurant

    It’s another day of possibilities and I am curled up in my favorite knit blanket, sitting on my newly made bed, watching the “butter queen” – that would be Paula Deen, making candies loaded with tons of sugar and butter. (Did she just say she’s kind of “dewey eyed” over the candy? ) The only thing that is missing now is a mug of hot chocolate.  If I hadn’t just finished my workout maybe I’d endulge in that too but no, I shall resist. My purpose for this post is to talk about a restuarant here in Salt Lake City that I think has one of the best dishes this side of the Mississippi…

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    The Herbfarm

    Since I don’t have anything culinary to write (it’s all about painting a little girls room today) I thought I would do a promo for one of my most favorite restaurants of all time. Like I mentioned the other day, John and I have eaten at many places throughout Seattle.  But the experience we had at The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington was unforgettable.  Their tagline on a Google search is, “One of America’s great dining experiences” and I will second that!  Zagat says, “likely to be the best 4-5 hours of your life.”  Yes, it is 4 -5 hours of your life but can you honestly think of anything you’d…

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    My Favorite Restaurants

    The Herbfarm, a World Rich in Country Charm. Designed & created from artwork and objects gathered from throughout the world, The Herbfarm Restaurant invites you to an evening of exciting dining in rich and comfortable surroundings. www.theherbfarm.com Woodinville, Washington                       ———————————————————————————— La Caille – French for ‘The Quail’, La Caille is Utah’s premier destination luxury restaurant. www.lacaille.com Sandy, Utah                 ———————————————————————————— The Georgian -Seattle’s French dining experience! www.fairmont.com Seattle, Washington             ———————————————————————————— Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar– Home of Chef Howe www.seastarrestaurant.com Bellevue and Seattle, Washington