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    Pass Me The Bone Broth Please!

    Over the past 7 months life has been anything but routine.  From Health issues to joblessness to the busiest summer on record for our family, it has been a ride I’d rather not repeat.  With that said, I have learned so much in the past months that otherwise could have taken years because of the necessity to learn! Without going into all that I have been doing in this one post, I have chosen to address the questions I get about my health over the course of time.  Hopefully, through something that I am learning about and doing, you can glean greater understanding for yourself.   None of my blogging is…

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    Don’t Have A Thyroid Issue? Think Again!

    In my house the kitchen is a place of learning as well as nourishing.  So, for today why not pull up a stool and learn about something that may change your life for the better. With all that I am learning about my own health, I decided to pass along any tidbit or major breakthrough I come across.  The biggest thing I want you to realize is that we are in charge of our own health.  Not our doctors or other healthcare practitioners, but you.  With that in mind, I also feel it is important that we share what we find (not opinion or speculation) so we can all be…

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    Making It Paleo

    Being so new to the whole gluten-free concept (not that I didn’t know about it for many years…just didn’t actually think it would apply to me), I have been doing a lot of research on the best way to approach this new way of eating.  I have been through so many different “diets” over the years trying to cure my ear issues that I realized I can’t just cut out gluten for a little while- I need to find a new life style of eating. In my search I found the Paleo diet, or Primal as some people call it.  Basically you cut out all grains, legumes, dairy, starches, alcohol…