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Making It Paleo

Make It PaleoBeing so new to the whole gluten-free concept (not that I didn’t know about it for many years…just didn’t actually think it would apply to me), I have been doing a lot of research on the best way to approach this new way of eating.  I have been through so many different “diets” over the years trying to cure my ear issues that I realized I can’t just cut out gluten for a little while- I need to find a new life style of eating.

In my search I found the Paleo diet, or Primal as some people call it.  Basically you cut out all grains, legumes, dairy, starches, alcohol and processed foods.  I started looking at a cookbook called, “The Food Lovers Make It Paleo”.  For me and my family, this book has been a life-saver.  Not only are the recipes easy to follow and all of them look amazing but they are actually really, really good.

If this is any indication of how well these recipes are being received in my house, here’s a conversation I had with my youngest daughter last night before dinner:

Mom, what’s for dinner?
I don’t know, I am just throwing some things together.
Are you using the Paleo cookbook?

My family has loved everything I’ve made from this book so far.  They have even ventured into making some of the desserts for themselves.  I realize not everyone can just jump off the “worlds way of eating” bandwagon like I did.  However, if you are looking for better overall health, weight loss and a myriad of other wonderful benefits, I’d look into Paleo!


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