The Stock Pot

The series continues from The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans with the beloved Stock Pot.


This pot has large flat bottom and high straight sides.  They usually come in a wide range of sizes, from 6 qt to 20 qt for the home cook.  It  is used for making stocks, large batches of soup or recipes too large to fit in a saute pan.  Before I purchased my Dutch Oven, this was my “large meal” pot.  I cook for (7 )so large meals are a daily thing and I would use this when making sloppy joes, soups, chili, stew or anything that needs to be braised in the oven.  Any meal that couldn’t be cooked in my saute pan, and even some that could, would be cooked in this pot. I have used it to make stocks in for years, as well as cook pasta and to make large batches of hot chocolate.

If you have a large family or cook for large groups of people I would consider adding this pot to your collection.

As a bonus for this pot you can buy the pasta strainer as well.  I use mine for large batches of pasta and making  stocks.  It strains all the large pieces used to make the stock out without any effort at all.

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