The Sauce Pan

Continuing the series mentioned in The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans  , today it’s all about the Sauce Pan.

A flat bottom and high straight sides make it pan perfect for many jobs in the kitchen.  Just like the Saute pan, this too comes in many sizes from 1 qt to 4 qt.  These pans are fabulous for soups, rice, sauces, risotto, potatoes and anything else you want to throw in them.  This is another pan the gets used daily in my kitchen!  I have both, a 2 qt and a 4 qt, one doesn’t get used more than the other.  I use these pans for warming foods, cooking sauces, cooking rice or any other food that is high in liquid.

These pans do come in other similar styles such as a Windsor pan and Saucier.  Although the name is different and the pan itself may look a little different, the function is essentially the same.  With that said, each of them performs better than another for certain tasks.  For instance:



The Windsor is great for reducing sauces because the sauce is exposed to more of the pan therefore making reductions faster.






The Saucier is better for puddings, custards and rice dishes because of its shorter sides and easier access to stirring for long periods of time.



There you have it, the basics about a sauce pan.  The more knowledge you have the better consumer and chef you will be.

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