The Fry Pan

To continue with my series from The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans , let’s talk Fry Pans for today’s topic.

A fry pan is simply a skillet with moderately high, slightly flared sides.  It comes in several sizes but the 8, 10 and 12 inch are the most popular ones for the home cook.  This pan is a great choice for cooking crepes, omelets, pancakes or sauteing  meats or vegetables.  Even though the fry pan can saute meats and vegetables, it is best to do that job in a saute pan.

As the name states, this is a pan used for pan frying as opposed to deep frying (when food is completely immersed in fat).  When I use this pan for frying, I use very little oil and cook foods like fish, potato pancakes, shrimp and so on.

This is a great pan.  I have two of them, a non-stick version and stainless steel one.  I love both and use each often…especially when making crepes for breakfast.

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