The Dutch Oven

For the last post in the series from The Pros and Cons of Pots and Pans, this pot is fast becoming a serious contender in my kitchen!

These ovens come in two different materials (for kitchen use, not camping); Cast iron covered in porcelain enamel and stainless steal .  The sizes range from 3 qt  to 15 qt. and colors are almost endless.

If you are one to stew, braise, fry or love using your dutch oven while camping, this is a must have.  I just bought one and in the past week I have used it 3 times already! You can use these ovens to bake, brown, boil or make an entire meal in one pot.

I love my dutch oven and I didn’t spend a fortune to get it.  If you do a price comparison between Lodge and Le Creuset,  Lodge is 1/4 the price of Le Creuset.  Lodge was my pick and I am not disappointed.  Plus…Lodge gets great reviews from Fine Cooking Magazine and others.  Do your own research, but remember, lower price in this case does means lower quality – it doesn’t mean bad quality!  Look into adding a dutch oven to your kitchen.

With this concluding my series on pots and pans, I hope I have been able to shed some light on this foundational choice for your kitchen.  I hope it helps you to find the right ones for you, your budget and your style of cooking.  Pans are and should be an investment over time.  I have had my All-Clad pans for years…some for 10 years or more, and continue to collect more.  They all look relatively new minus the mirror finish of a new pan now looking like dull sheet metal.  I have burned things so badly I thought it would never come out and it does, every time.  (My right arm does look a little buffer after scrubbing but I always count it toward my exercise for the day… Bonus!)  Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the choices I have made for me and my kitchen when purchasing pots and pans.

Happy shopping (remember Christmas in only 2 months away 😉 )

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