Dry Heat Cooking – Broiling

Dry heat cooking has several types of cooking methods within this category.

  • Broiling
  • Grilling
  • Roasting
  • Baking
  • Sautéing
  • Pan frying
  • Deep-frying

To begin, let’s start with Broiling!

This method may be self-explanatory but in case you are new to this type of cooking, it is using radiant heat from an overhead source to cook your foods. I use this method for cooking large amounts of toast, reheating pizza, caramelizing sugar on custard and browning meringue on lemon meringue pies. I also use this cooking method to add finishing touches of caramelizing to many dishes just before removing them from the oven.

When broiling to cook or finish your dishes, be very vigilant in watching how quickly it cooks.  Foods can go from done to garbage in a matter of seconds depending on how hot your broiler is.

You would think that I speak from others experiences and not my own when it comes to burning foods.  But I am chagrin to tell you, I speak from many years of experience with burning my foods.  Often it isn’t from lack of knowledge but rather lack of focus on just one task.  With distractions such children, phone, dog or a really handsome man coming home from work,  this is when time gets away and things start to burn.  My suggestion is this; whenever you have something under the broiler to finish it off, set the timer.  Even if it is only for a minute, set the timer.  Set the timer, Set the timer, Set the timer.  And remember to set the timer!


Happy Broiling


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  • Vicki

    I still check in to your blog every day – I have missed seeing new posts from you. Hope all is well. They have a GREAT culinary program here at Ivy Tech. I seriously considered starting this fall semester but I am not in a good enough position to give up work yet. Once Gary has a permanent position (currently he is a visiting professor – bottom of the totem pole :< ) then I will have more wiggle room with income.

    Keep up the posts. I have always enjoyed them.

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