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High stress day, low stress meal!

Does being in the kitchen stress you out?  Are you overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with a nutritious meal after a stressful day?  Well, I’d like to tell you that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS and your problems will all melt away into a sugary stream of goodness.  But reality says it doesn’t matter what stressed spells, you are still stressed and you still have to make a meal for your family…or else hightail it down to the nearest fast food joint and get their version of  “smart” food!

Welcome to my meal plans for “low stress” to “high stress” days.  Over the next few posts I will be adding recipes that fit any kind of stressful day to make being in the kitchen a stress reliever.

Let’s start by learning how to evaluating your stress level.

High Stress- You are in a hurry, worn out, over-worked or tired of answering 101 questions over the past hour (some questions multiple times) and kids are hanging on your leg!

Medium Stress-You have low energy but not tired, not a lot of time but not in a rush, helping kids with homework but it’s manageable!

Low Stress- You have all day to prepare, music is playing in the background, kids are all gone, spouse is asking to help (that might be pushing things) and you have lots of energy to pour into your meal!

You may or may not fall into those descriptions exactly but I think you get the idea.  Evaluate your stress level and find a meal that will fit it.  This will not only help you to prepare better for different types of days but give you the freedom to know every meal doesn’t have to be a production of epic proportions. 

Here is a meal for a High Stress Day. ( truth be told, I make this even on low stress days 😉 )

Baked Beans on Toast


Serves 6

1 can ( 28 oz) Pork and Beans
12 slices of bread (sour dough or wheat preferred)
Sliced cheddar cheese

Heat pork and beans  and set aside.  Toast all bread slices.  Place toast on a cookie sheet and spoon pork and beans on to the individual toast. (hint: try to drain most of the liquid off the beans so the toast doesn’t become soggy)  Place sliced cheese on each piece of toast and put under the broiler until cheese is melted.

Serve immediately.

Gourmet Additions:  Grilled onions, Bacon slices, Tomato slices, Ham, Eggs




Now add a quick spring green salad mix from the grocery store, cut up some carrots with Ranch dressing and you have a quick, nutritious meal your whole family will enjoy.

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