Cookies From Heaven

I know this isn’t my normal kind of post but for the simple sake that I AM a pastry chef you might believe that I love to bake.  I do!  …even when I can’t eat it.   Today is no exception and I have made a winner, so I wanted to share with you all.   This isn’t my recipe, I found it while crawling the food blogs of the Internet, but my, oh my, oh my… they truly are more than a treat (see recipe here).

From personal experience, I cannot tell you what they taste like.  I can tell you though that they are tender, big, aromatic balls of heaven down here on earth.  And I can tell you the responses I heard when the kids got home from school.   The following is a brief description of what took place the moment they walked in the door.

So, I didn’t tell the kids what kind of cookie they were.  I just watched as their eyes popped out of their heads and their mouths Oooo and Ahhh over the size of them.  Then they begged to have one, because I normally make things to give away.  As I was saying the word “Yes” their hands darted for the pan and then…wait for it…. wait for it……OH MY GOSH MOM, THERE’S AN OREO’S INSIDE MY COOKIE!  As Madison’s eye’s roll into the back of her head – one a little farther than the other – she exclaims, ” these cookies are the only cookies I EVER want you to make again.”  This coming from a little girl who refuses to put chocolate chips into the cookie dough when she makes them because she “hates” chocolate!  One might wonder if she could be my child.  Well, there are times when even I wonder if she was switched at birth because I can’t imagine any of my kids saying those blasphemous words.

Anyway, all the kids were delighted and thrilled as they dined on the oversized chocolate chip oreo cookies.  Yum Yum!

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