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    Cookies From Heaven

    I know this isn’t my normal kind of post but for the simple sake that I AM a pastry chef you might believe that I love to bake.  I do!  …even when I can’t eat it.   Today is no exception and I have made a winner, so I wanted to share with you all.   This isn’t my recipe, I found it while crawling the food blogs of the Internet, but my, oh my, oh my… they truly are more than a treat (see recipe here). From personal experience, I cannot tell you what they taste like.  I can tell you though that they are tender, big, aromatic balls of heaven down here on…

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    Chili Anyone?

    What a day, a busy day, running here, running there, trying to meet everyone’s needs – seems like everyone needs something all at the same time – and I still haven’t thought about dinner.  This is the part of the day that makes me a little crazy, so I need to have a plan.  My plan, as I posted earlier, is to evaluate my level of stress “High”,  “Medium” or “Low” and find a meal works with my level.  Today I am not really stressed, but I am busy. I think today is a Chili day.  Chili is one of those meals that can cook for a long time (which enhances all the flavor) or…

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    High stress day, low stress meal!

    Does being in the kitchen stress you out?  Are you overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with a nutritious meal after a stressful day?  Well, I’d like to tell you that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS and your problems will all melt away into a sugary stream of goodness.  But reality says it doesn’t matter what stressed spells, you are still stressed and you still have to make a meal for your family…or else hightail it down to the nearest fast food joint and get their version of  “smart” food! Welcome to my meal plans for “low stress” to “high stress” days.  Over the next few posts I will be adding recipes that…