Stoneground Restaurant

It’s another day of possibilities and I am curled up in my favorite knit blanket, sitting on my newly made bed, watching the “butter queen” – that would be Paula Deen, making candies loaded with tons of sugar and butter. (Did she just say she’s kind of “dewey eyed” over the candy? ) The only thing that is missing now is a mug of hot chocolate.  If I hadn’t just finished my workout maybe I’d endulge in that too but no, I shall resist.

My purpose for this post is to talk about a restuarant here in Salt Lake City that I think has one of the best dishes this side of the Mississippi (good thing I remember the grade school song so I can spell M i s s i s s i p p i ).  John and I have invited several of our friends to join us there and I always encourage them to try this dish.  Without exception, those who tried it loved it! 

The place is called Stoneground Restaurant.  It is located on 249 East 400 South in Salt Lake.  What it is really known for is their New York-style pizza but I have yet to make it past the Pork Tenderloin —  Brined, roasted pork tenderloin served with grilled polenta and finished with a creamy portobello, dried cranberry and red wine sauce. 

This is the most mouth-watering dish ever.  I love to explore and try many things on the menus of restaurants we frequent but this dish has me to where I can’t order anything else.

To start, the pork tenderloin is sliced into medallions and cooked to perfection.  They are juicy and tender enough to cut with the back end of a butter knife.  Yes, you heard me…the “back end” of a butter knife.  Now if that wasn’t enough already, the meat sits on a thick square of grilled polenta.  OH MY GOODNESS.  If you have never heard of or enjoyed polenta before, this is a must-try.  Polenta is cornmeal cooked up with parmesan cheese, butter and milk.  Then you can put it in the fridge and let it firm up (kinda like jell-o only sooooo much better).  The key is when they grill it — I am getting giddy just thinking about this — it becomes crispy on the outside and so smooth and creamy on the inside.  Heaven just arrived at this party!

I could stop there and the meal would be awesome…but there is more.  The sauce!  Oh, the sauce.  It’s the part that makes me cry, literally, when I eat this.  It is sweet and savory all in one sauce.  The cranberries bring sweetness and the mushrooms bring an earthy savory flavor while the red wine makes it all sing in perfect harmony.  Pour the sauce over the tower of polenta and tenderloin, skewer it with a sprig of rosemary and voilà, heaven on a plate!!!

I am positive Stoneground has more lovely dishes to offer but I can’t order anything else (yet).  I have tried but everytime the waitress comes to the table I can only speak the words, “tenderloin please”. 

To give fairness to one of the other dishes, John loves the Cajun Pasta (very similar to jambalaya) and orders that every time.  The appetizers are most excellent too and we always order way too many (how can you resist?!).  I’m sure their pizza is great.  In fact, I’ve heard people say Stoneground has some of the best New York-style pizza around.  Unfortunately, I cannot confirm or deny those claims because the word “pizza” can’t get out of my mouth before “tenderloin please”.

I can’t end this artcile without mentioning the Tiramisu.  Oh yeah… just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.  Let me start by saying that I’m generally not a fan of this dessert at any other restaurant, deli or dessert establishment – primarily because I do not like the coffee flavor.  HOWEVER, Stoneground’s tiramisu is not your ordinary or average dessert.  It is so much better!  This tiramisu alone has won many awards in the Salt Lake area and is completely off-the-hook good.  I do indulge gladly, even after grazing on the appetizers and gorging on the entree.  I tell you, Stoneground knows how to make good food and make it right.  To quote someone I see on TV sometimes, YUM-O!

Just remember:

    Stoneground Restaurant
    249 East 400 South
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Tell them I sent you.  Not that they will know who I am but you can see what they say 🙂

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