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    Herb Potato Soup (Incognito)

    A few days ago, my sister-in-law dropped off about 10 lbs of potatoes (from her 100 lbs) at my door. I was eager to accept the free food but soon realized that my one son, who absolutely refuses to enjoy even one bite of a potato in any form except fried little sticks, would probably be hitting up his friends for invitations to dinner to avoid having to eat a potato.  So I knew I had a real a challengeto deal with, but not one I was going to back down from. I needed to find a way to use 10 lbs of potatoes before they go bad AND so my son would enjoy them. …

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    At last I am Fre

    Let’s say you are watching the Food Network one day and the chef is making one of the most amazing recipes ever.  As you watch carefully you notice the recipe calls for red wine but you don’t drink wine and don’t want to cook with alcohol.  Well, I have a simple solution that could change everything and make that amazing recipe possible.  Being that I don’t drink wine at all I cannot give a comparison review but I can tell you I love being Fre. At last I am Fre.  Fre from using over-salted cooking wine.  Fre from only having two choices, red or white!  Thanks to Sutter Home Winery I am now Fre to…

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    Stoneground Restaurant

    It’s another day of possibilities and I am curled up in my favorite knit blanket, sitting on my newly made bed, watching the “butter queen” – that would be Paula Deen, making candies loaded with tons of sugar and butter. (Did she just say she’s kind of “dewey eyed” over the candy? ) The only thing that is missing now is a mug of hot chocolate.  If I hadn’t just finished my workout maybe I’d endulge in that too but no, I shall resist. My purpose for this post is to talk about a restuarant here in Salt Lake City that I think has one of the best dishes this side of the Mississippi…