Les Madeleines Patisserie and Cafe

Les Madeleines, owned by Romina Rasmussen, has quickly become one of my most favorite hot spots for irresistible, taste bud tantalizing and down right yummy goodies.  They are best known for their Kouing Aman (QUEEN- Aman).  A rich buttery (and I mean B-U-T-T-E-R-Y) pastry that many will stand in line to get before their doors even open.  This lovely, flaky, handful of deliciousness is what some might say would cause them to fall off their wagon.  (You know what wagon I am talking about.  The one that carries you away from your refrigerator for weeks at a time…the same wagon that won’t let you stop at any fast food drive-thru’s!)  However, don’t let me tempt you into trying one.  If puff pastry isn’t your thing, well,  then you can have any one of the other 20 amazing treats at Les Madeleines and be equally happy.

What other treats can I have you might ask??  Well, there are shortbread cookies, cupcakes, brownies, button mcaroons (another personal favorite), croissants, cakes, carrot cake cookies with amazing cream cheese frosting, Paris-Brest, Black and White cookies, peanut butter cookies – my hand is beginning to cramp from typing and there are many more that I haven’t mentioned yet.

I’ve only tried of few of these (watching the waistline ya know) but from the way they fly off the shelves and everything looks so perfect and smells so good, I know I’m the one missing out.

There may be many versions of all the items made at Les Madeleines.  I am sure you can find similar items at a shop near you however…at Les Madeleines, not only do they use natural, fresh and organic products but they also put great care into making each and every treat from scratch – no boxes or mixes here!  Only the freshest and best ingredients available.  Not to mention, you will only get the “Queens” the way they are made here…and that is like no other. 

To prove it isn’t just me talking, you can check with the “Neelys” from Food Network.  They stopped by

and featured Romina and the Kouing Aman on their show “Road Tasted“.  Pat and Gina Neely also listed these treats on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” because of their crunchy, salted caramel outside and gooey and flakey inside – definitely addictive.  The patisserie was also featured in Food and Wine’s “Food Across America:  Best Restaurants in Salt Lake City“.  Need I say more?!  Ok, just one more accolade: Les Madeleines was also recently voted “Best Bakery” in Salt Lake City by Salt Lake Magazine.

Now that I may have peaked your curiosity, you might be feeling a little bad if you don’t live within driving distance of these magnificent treats…fear not!  You can have the “Queens” shipped to your doorstep for personal and private enjoyment (unless you think you want to share them).  If that’s the case, at first you will think, “Oh, I will host a party with a few friends and we will share them.”  Then the FedEx man, in cute shorts, will drop off the fancy package at your door and you will need to peak inside.  Just one peak – that’ll be your downfall!

That split second decision to take “just a peak” will cause you to cancel your party on the account of “rain”, yeah rain…but in reality, you ate them…ALL!  All by yourself in the quietness of your closet so no one would know.  Yup!  They are that good (at least to me, but I have had no experience like the one I just described! None I tell you).  Go ahead and give them a call! (801) 355-2294.  Tell ’em Dixie sent cha! (I’m not kidding!)

Bon Appetit

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  • Charity

    I loved it! I thought I would save a piece for my husband, but no way! It was painful enough watching each of my 4 kids take a bite.

  • Shelma

    It’s good to know that I can just call them ‘Queens’ and not worry about trying to pronounce anything in french when I walk in there! Way less intimidating 🙂

  • John

    We sent a 4-pack of the queen’s to my mom for Mother’s Day…they didn’t last a day in her house she liked them that much!!

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