Crazy About Cupcakes!

What is it about a cupcake that makes everyone so crazy about eating them?  Is it their cute shape?  Tiny little size?  Or maybe it just reminds us of times gone by when we used to sit on the porch as a kid and eat them with our friends.  Well, I don’t know what all the reasons are for everyone else but for me, it’s the challenge of making a good one (without a box)!

I thought I would share with you a few little tips I have learned in the last few weeks.  (Feel free to comment with tricks you have for making your favorite little cakes.)

      Tip #1 – Use only room temperature eggs and butter

      Tip #2 – Cream butter and sugar until it looks like creamy frosting

      Tip #3 – Add your eggs into the butter and sugar one at a time,
                         then mix for about 3 minutes to make sure they are all incorporated

      Tip #4 – Alternate adding flour and liquid into the butter/egg mixture

      Tip #5 – Don’t over work the batter once the flour is mixed in

I’m sure there are many different techniques that accomplish the same great result, but these are a few I have found to work for me.  …and boy do they work!  I think I gained an extra 2 pounds after making several “test” batches (practice makes perfect, right?).

So go drag out your KitchenAid (mine turned 13 years old on April 20th) and mix yourself up a batch of your favorite cupcakes.  Let me know how they turned out. 

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  • Vicki Dickson

    I know that the paper cups can’t be the cheap ones because it absorbs the batter and bakes right into the cupcake. I also know the frosting helps if the cupcake doesn’t turn out as good as Dixies :>. By the way Dixie – my Kitchen Aid is about 30 years old. My mom got it when I was young and I “inherited” it. They are the BEST!!

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