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    The Perfect Biscuit

    What are you more likely to do, buy Rhodes Rolls to bake with dinner or make your own biscuits from scratch?  Up until about 1 year ago, my answer was buy the rolls!  Why not?  They are fast, easy and no doubt about it…Good!  But, what if you forget to get them out 2 hours before baking (that’s for the “quick method”) or dinner is in 30 minutes and there’s no time to bake them.  Now what? Time for the  “perfect biscuit”.  It will only take 30 minutes from start to finish and that’s being generous with time.  I am telling you, here is your answer! My chili was on the…

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    The iPod Cake

    Last Sunday was Taylor and Keaton’s 13th birthday.  According to them, they are now able to watch PG-13 movies, have a Facebook account, stay up later on school nights and hang with the big boy crowd when company is over.  Little do they know it also comes with cleaning more of the house, taking out the trash every Wednesday night, tighter restrictions on girls and phone calls!  I guess that’s the price of growing up.  I can’t wait to see how eager they are when they hear all the new regulations! Anyway, back to the birthday.  Every year I ask each of the kids what kind of cake they’d like to have. …

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    My Week In the “Student-Run” Restaurant Kitchen

    What is a student-run restaurant?  Well, it is actually a class that culinary students take during their schooling to learn the different elements of running a restaurant.  Since many of the students are looking to own their own places one day, this class gives them a small glimpse of what it might be like.  Granted, this is a very “controlled” glimpse but it is all run by us (the students) with a bit of teacher guidance along the way.  Remember, it is to teach us to swim not leave us to drown. Last week was my team’s first opportunity to work the kitchen.  It had it ups and downs but overall very…