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    Tonight could be a “Relish” night!

    For all you cooks out there that don’t know what to fix each night for dinner, I’m going to help you out! I have been using a website for the past 5 years that I absolutely love. It is called Relish and they are located at www.relishrelish.com. Why do I love this website? Let me count the ways:      1- easy to use      2- fabulous recipes that take about 30 minutes to prepare      3- you can customize the meal to the size of your family      4- they provide a dessert as part of the menu choice      5- they make a grocery list from your choice of…

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    What’s Your Cutting Preference?

    With the holiday’s over and the decorations finally put away, I thought I’d get back to my blog!  I have not really been disconnected from it having many opportunities to think about what I wanted to talk about (since I’m not back to school until next week).  The most recent opportunity came when my husband and I were out snowmobiling in the Unitas.  With the gorgeous scenery all around, John in the far off distance and the loud noise of the engine, I had ample to time to let random thoughts go through my mind.  Fortunately for me, mine are always in blog-talk and about cooking. My thoughts were about a very special gift my…