Chaos in my kitchen!

As I sit looking out my window, watching the snow fall ever so gently on the trees, sipping a cup of Godiva hot chocolate, the scene is peaceful and serene.  Soft music playing on Pandora and all is right with the world.  Then, out of no where I see the rare glimpse of a child (mine) racing past the front of the house on a mini ATV doing donuts at 10 mph while chasing the other children up and down the snowy road!  One moment, winter peace- the next, winter fun and chaos!  It couldn’t be more perfect!

That brings me to my post, the chaos in my kitchen!  Have you ever felt the desire to make something so good that everyone who tries it wants an endless supply? It seems that is my quest every day but it has gotten even worse since I was introduced to the Gerbet Macaron!  I don’t want to make them just so everyone will want them…no, I want to make them because I don’t think anyone should be without them.  They are THAT good!

So far I have made about 6 batches and each one is a little different from the last.  Not yet perfected, but definately yummy to eat.  My kitchen becomes my laboratory of errors and fills with what seems to be endless dishes.  

And so I march on with purpose (that would be with you in mind) and conviction to bring to you the perfect macaron.  With the many different flavors to tantalize the tongue, my quest is only to perfect the plain vanilla and work my way to the endless number of other flavors. Thus my task even greater to make a simple vanilla! 

to be continued…

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