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    Chaos in my kitchen!

    As I sit looking out my window, watching the snow fall ever so gently on the trees, sipping a cup of Godiva hot chocolate, the scene is peaceful and serene.  Soft music playing on Pandora and all is right with the world.  Then, out of no where I see the rare glimpse of a child (mine) racing past the front of the house on a mini ATV doing donuts at 10 mph while chasing the other children up and down the snowy road!  One moment, winter peace- the next, winter fun and chaos!  It couldn’t be more perfect! That brings me to my post, the chaos in my kitchen!  Have you ever felt the…

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    Favorite Neighbor Gifts

    Aside from all the homemade treats and goodies we get from friends in our community, there are always some neighbor gifts that very creative and clever.  Here are a few of our favorites from this holiday season! From left to right, the first one is the “Peace” block (8″ x 8″ glass block).  A little bit of ribbon and some well-placed vinyl stickers…talk about creative! Next is the Snowman mug attached to a bag of mini marshmallows and hot chocolate with a note that reads: “We heard you’ve been naughty, So here is the scoop. All you get for Christmas, Is some snowman POOP!” The 7-up bottle was delivered with a…