What’s Next?

Thanksgiving is over, the game has been won (Go BYU) and the last of family has gone home.  What now?

Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas!   When the lights on the houses light up  the street and each home has a tree of lights in the window (although a little earlier this year!),  it is time for full-on Christmas celebrations.

Time to jump into full swing in the kitchen (all the while doing my homework, of course) making our holiday favorites.  …and this year I will be adding a few new ones to my list.  As my “editor” would likely put it…”enjoy it now kids, because you may never have this again!”  Yes, I like to change things up, try new things and challenge myself to greater heights in the culinary world.  It isn’t that I don’t make the same thing twice, it just might be tweaked a little!

Speaking of tweaking, I tried to change up the “green bean casserole” for Thanksgiving this year… won’t be trying that stunt ever again.  I think I came close to being ousted from the family because I didn’t go traditional.  Not to worry though, the next day I added a few cans of mushroom soup and everyone was happy once again.  They may have even turned out better than traditional, but I should not push my luck!

So, back to adding new things to my list for this year.  It could include, but not being held to, graham cracker houses, challah bread and a few polish treats!  As well as the usual, spritzer cookies, toffee, divinity, pumpkin bread and whatever that chex mix with white chocolate is called!  You could say, whatever I am in the mood to make, I will be making!  Now if I could only find someone to clean up after me.

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