The Herbfarm

Since I don’t have anything culinary to write (it’s all about painting a little girls room today) I thought I would do a promo for one of my most favorite restaurants of all time.

Herb FarmLike I mentioned the other day, John and I have eaten at many places throughout Seattle.  But the experience we had at The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington was unforgettable.  Their tagline on a Google search is, “One of America’s great dining experiences” and I will second that!  Zagat says, “likely to be the best 4-5 hours of your life.”  Yes, it is 4 -5 hours of your life but can you honestly think of anything you’d rather be doing than eating some of the finest food in America, cleansing your palate in between each course with amazing sorbet and chatting with a few of your closest strangers?  That’s a no brainer for me.

Herbfarm main dining roomTo even think about dining at The Herbfarm, you need to call many months ahead of time.  (Gives you time to save your penny’s, cause you’ll need a few of them.)  In our case, 3 months for a reservation for two .  You will need to specify a private table or just take your chances as to whom you get seated with.  Personally, take your chances because the people you sit next to and around will add to your whole experience.  They sure did for us, especially the women’s group who really liked the wines that were paired with their meals.

Instead of me trying to do them justice, I suggest you go to their site and be amazed at their concept of fine dining.  www.theherbfarm.com  Oh, did I mention they have a house of “suites” also in case you’d rather not go home too soon.   What are you doing still reading this blog, you need to check them out! (even if you don’t live near there, you can still appreciate a good moment reading about a phenomenal place you will want to visit some day)

Here’s a little teaser…

Herbfarm Carrot RavioliWinter Squash Ravioli with currants and sage butter!

Enjoy your day – I am! (it’s snowing!!!!!)

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