Scale for Sale

Well, tomorrow is my American Regional class.  This is the class that I adore because of the truly talented chef who teaches the class.  His name is, Maestro, not really but we do call him Chef Brian.  He is amazing when it comes to creating wonderful food without a recipe.  In fact, he is the one who taught me about “the fond”!

Anyway, tomorrow and Friday are Tex-Mex days and I am saving every calorie I can from today so I can spend them all tomorrow.  Chicken Fried Streak and Gravy, Jalapeno Cornbread and Fajitas to name a few of the divine recipes we will be attempting to recreate.  I say recreate because that is the whole point of the class, to take a recipe and interpret it our own way to make it better (hopefully).  There will be 13 recipes finished when we wrap up class, then we all sit down for a feast.  Friday we will do another 12 recipes followed by another feast.  Does anyone need a bathroom scale, we have one for sale because I won’t be getting on it anytime soon!

13 years old
Seems to be about 10lbs on the heavy side.  Never been able to fix it!

 Stay tuned for classroom wrap up.

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