Glossary of Terms

bou⋅quet gar⋅ni [boh-key gahr-nee]
       2 bay leaves, 3 twigs of thyme, 2 stems of parsley and 6 peppercorns wrapped in cheesecloth and tied up

china cap
a cone shaped strainer made of perforated metal.

deglaze  [dee-gleyz] 
        to add wine or other liquid to (a pan in which meat has been roasted or sauteed) so as to make a sauce
        that incorporates the cooking juices.

degrease [dee-grees]
       when a stock is refrigerated, fat rises to its surface, hardens and is easily lifted or scraped away before
       the stock is reheated or stored.

ep-i-cu-re-an [ep-i-kyoo-ree-uh n]
        fond of or adapted to luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasures; having luxurious tastes or habits,
        especially in eating and drinking.

mirepoix [mir-pwah]
       50% onion to 25% carrot and 25% celery by weight (usually 1lb total)

rem-oui-llage [rhur-moo-yahj]
       French for “rewetting”; a stock produced by reusing the bones left from making another stock. It will not
       be as clear or as flavorful as the original stock; however. It is often used to make glazes or in place of water
       when making stocks.

sa⋅chet [ sash-ey]
       same as bouquet garni

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