About Me

Have you ever been asked, “What’s your passion in life?”  A question I use to ask myself until I discovered my passion for the kitchen.

Like many chefs who grow up in the kitchen cooking with their parent or grandparent, I was not fortunate enough to have  that opportunity so I took a very long and different path that has lead me to where I am today.

Growing up in a rural town, in central Washington state, my mother didn’t have much money to support the hungry mouths of 6 growing children.  She became very creative in the many ways of disguising the same food items in different meals and reincarnating leftovers.

It wasn’t until I began dating my now husband that I was introduced to the finer foods this world has to offer.  For many years we dined at great restaurants throughout the Seattle area.    As we would explore new restaurants from all the many ethnic backgrounds, my interest in how the food was prepared began to grow.  One particular establishment was the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant in downtown Seattle.  I ordered the most amazing “Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli” with browned butter sauce, toasted pine nuts and fried sage.  The fact that Wolfgang did not grace our table that night was of no concern to me once I tasted my first bite.  The tenderness of the ravioli and the sweetness of the squash filling filled my mouth with excitement, but that wasn’t enough.  No, then the saltiness of the butter and light crunch from the pine nuts rounded out an almost spectacular culinary experience when the fried sage came to play- all those flavors hitting each particular point on my tongue at exactly the right second left me wanting to lick my plate for more.  It was from that moment on I only wanted to know how that dish was made. That was the first moment I remember when my true passion for food was born.

As of today, I have graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the Art Institute of Salt Lake City with a degree in science but in the culinary Baking and Pastry program.  I have found my passion isn’t just with the baking side of the kitchen but any place in the kitchen- ok, not the dishes area!!!  I love to cook, bake and clean (not dishes).  I love to create and teach all while I try to build relationships with my family and friends, in the kitchen!

The phrase, “The heart of the house is the kitchen!” couldn’t be more true in my home!

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