2nd Term Complete

I guess when the mice are away the big cat will come out to play.  Yes, John is gone for the weekend and I am ready to PARTE’.  I have finished my 2nd term of culinary school and funny enough I don’t feel nearly as brain fried and I thought I would.  Ok, for those of you who suffered through the 6 weeks of my online math class I am sure you have a very different outlook on my mental status.  But, since that class finished I have been crusin through the rest of my classes.

I honestly loved nutrition (who would have known) and thought my management by menu class rocked.  Funny how I don’t mention my Intro to Baking class at all.  Well, that is because I am not so hot on the baking and cooking classes.  You would think those would be my most favorite classes.  NOT! Here is why, they are usually 5-6 hour classes and there is no where that makes me feel like a complete idiot in the kitchen than at school.  I have been cooking and baking for at least 15 years now and when I step into the kitchen at school I may as well be learning for the first time.  That frustrates me. 

If that weren’t bad, at the end of class we have to do the dishes.  Don’t I pay enough tuition to have a dish crew!!  I loathe the dishes and no matter how much I try to avoid doing them they are always there, and not just a few of them.  PILES and PILES of them are lurking along the back wall waiting for someone to wash them up.  Anyway, that is why I am not so hot on my cooking classes.  I sure learn a lot but I feel it comes at a higher price than I paid.

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