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    Cheese Danish

    Since I have all this extra time on my hands, I thought I would give another quick idea for some yummy treats!  Yesterday I was making a breakfast for John to take with him on his “Guys Weekend” (it just doesn’t matter whether they take us along or leave us at home, guys still need help from their wives!) and I decided to get some practice making other quick treats.  Treat of the day is Cheese Danish! Yumm-O (to quote some other chef). Try this one morning for your own pleasure or a special treat for guests.  I am positive they will come back for more – although if they…

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    2nd Term Complete

    I guess when the mice are away the big cat will come out to play.  Yes, John is gone for the weekend and I am ready to PARTE’.  I have finished my 2nd term of culinary school and funny enough I don’t feel nearly as brain fried and I thought I would.  Ok, for those of you who suffered through the 6 weeks of my online math class I am sure you have a very different outlook on my mental status.  But, since that class finished I have been crusin through the rest of my classes. I honestly loved nutrition (who would have known) and thought my management by menu…

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    Flakie Pie Crust

    In case you want to know some of the awesome things I have learned in my Baking class. I have decided to share my secrets to a successful pie crust. For years I have been deathly afraid to make these because I didn’t want a bad crust.  Well, I have “finally” learned how to make a pie crust and a great one at that.  I am going to post the recipe that I use and got HIGH marks for on my final practical exam!  Easy Peasy. 1- 9in Pie Dough Recipe       2 cups Flour (all purpose)       ½ cup Cold Shortening       ½ cup Cold Butter (diced)       ½ tsp Salt…