Almost done

Yes, I can’t believe I am almost done with 11 weeks of intense schooling.  Next week is finals but not like the finals everyone may think of.  No, my finals are open book, take home and cooking food I love.  I tell you, this is my kind of school!

Now don’t go thinking all is easy though.  I have had one of my finals for a week and only gotten 3 pages done out of the 10.  Finding the answers is like trying to find needles in two or three haystacks.  But listen to me complain… I CAN USE THE BOOK!  Just because the book is as interesting as reading worm trails on a piece of bark is besides the point.  I just can’t stay awake long enough to actually find the answers. 🙂

But really now – school is a blast.  I love almost everything about it and it seems to only get better.  Next term I will have “Intro to Baking” and I have to eat what I make.  The only complaint I have about that is, I don’t have enough time to work off the calories I ingest!  What a problem to have.  I guess next time anyone sees me I may be a few more pounds heavier.  Don’t say anything!

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