Test Day

Day 4 of Sanitation and Safety class and we already had a 135 question test!  Now to many of you that may not be any big deal, but to me, I would have rather cut off a toe or something like that then take a test.  Ever since my days of schooling I have been petrified of the word “test”.  So much so I still haven’t taken my driver’s license test for the state of Utah.  John has done everything but take the actual test just to help me along in getting my license current.  That was 1 ½ years ago.  They say I will have to register (take the test) in order to vote this year.  Hmmmm, I still have 75 days left before it’s too late (I think).

Anyway, I digress. I took this test today and did it with great confidence.  I had all my kids asking me if I was scared and waited to hear my answer.  There was no way I was going to tell them I was sweating bullets because I don’t want them to be afraid of tests like I am.  Calmly, I answered them with a resounding “No, I am not scared, I am prepared!”  With that I knew I needed to come home with a good score or they would know their mother was a fraud.  As luck and lots of studying would have it, I passed with flying colors.  Now let’s see how the next test on Wednesday goes.  Talk about nerve racking!

Despite my fear of tests, I am enjoying my class.  All the way until I go to a backyard BBQ that the 11 year old scouts are putting on for their parents.  As I watch the kids running around the yard playing with all kinds of micro organism rich things I wonder to myself, “Do you think they will wash their hands before touching the food?”  We all know the answer to that one, but I sat quietly and let everything happen as it would.  I didn’t want to cause alarm to anyone just because I saw food borne illness micro organisms crawling on their hands, cross contamination and time and temperature abuse of the food I was going to eat.  No, I sat there with a smile and a mighty diligent prayer in my heart! (heaven only knows, Keaton’s blessing of the food was so quick I am sure no one had time to notice he even blessed the food)  Then I bit into my hamburger with great hesitation.  As I looked into the depths of the somewhat warm burger I see light pinkness in its center.  That was it, no more could I pretend like I was going to eat this burger and hope I wouldn’t get sick.  Even if I wouldn’t get sick my mind had taken my places that made it impossible to take another bite.  Graciously I ate my potato chips and excused myself to go get Taylor at football practice.  Thank you Taylor.

It is very true that some things you just don’t want to know.  I know I need to know all about ALL the things that could happen with our food but oh my goodness.  It sure makes you think twice about just eating food anywhere.  I could never imagine going to a foreign mission and eating food from a third world country now.  I’d probably get sick just thinking about what could happen even if the food didn’t actually do it!

Well, I have class in the morning so I am off to bed.

Bon Appetite’

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