One down, 42 to go!

Sanitation and Safety (CUL104) is now done.  I have passed that class with flying colors and hopefully have gotten my certificate saying I know how to wash my hands properly.  I won’t know that for another 2 weeks. Not to worried though, I figure I have lived this long without to many visits to the hospital with food borne illnesses I can make it the rest of my life without to much trouble.

Anyone want to come over for dinner?

In all seriousness, I love school.  This next quarter though could prove to be my undoing.  I am registered for 4 classes, Monday through Thursday.  The only bright spot in all this is I have Friday’s off and Monday-Wednesday are only half days.  BUT Thursday is 7:30am to 5:00pm.  Ugh!!!

This is not at all how I pictured my retirement years to be.  I figured when Madison went to school all day, that was my ticket to freedom.  Bon Bons and Oprah were on my agenda (sorry Shel, I will stop TiVo’ing her right now).  Oh well, I guess learning how to MAKE the bon bons will be more lucritive than eating them 🙂

Ta Ta…..I am off to see how long I can stay up tonight.  I don’t have school in the morning so I am going to celebrate by watching movies, eating popcorn, ordering late night pizza and the works.  Hopefully I can stay up longer than 10:30 this time. (ohhhh the signs of getting older)

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  • Dixie

    Grossed out- not unless I see some major violations. I learned to send the family through the front door and I will go in through the back kitchen door. If the family sees me walk straight out the front door they know we aren’t eating there. (how a kitchen looks indicates how your food is prepared)

  • Shel

    Just so you know – my spaghetti sauce was immediately divided up into small tupperware containers and frozen; leaving Almost no time for bad things to grow 🙂

  • Julie

    So are you grossed out by all you have learned? Are you leary of restaurants??? We missed going out the other night with you guys. Shel said we will reschedule. I would love to taste your cookin’ anytime…hint hint

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