Chapter Seven

Today, in between frying my brain with studies and driving my kids to and fro, I began thinking about the new chapter in my life.  Which then began the thought process of all the chapters in my life.  I thought about each one and their significance in my life, starting with chapter one.
Chapter One: Birth – Kindergarten
I am sure this was the most eventful time in my life.  With the arrival of me into a new world, new adventures every day and a learning like I never did again.  This had to have been a wonderful time of which I remember nothing.
Chapter Two: Kindergarten – 12th Grade
All I can say about this time was that it began bad and ended bad.  I was dropped off on the first day by a neighbor (she was like a 2nd mom to me) and I cried like a baby when she left.  We moved my first year of Junior High so obviously that was kinda rocky.  High school was a mish mash of wanting to date but being to tall for everyone, struggling to get a grip on how to pass any TESTS and needing to fit in without being too obvious.
Chapter Three: 12th Grade – College (the first time around)
Lots of fun, sadness and good friends – enough said (did I mention any thing about school?  Hmm, wonder what happened there?)
Chapter Four: College – Marriage
John, John, John and John.  Moved around a few times because of John and I think I did some work here and there, had a few good friends to hang around with but it was pretty much John.
Chapter Five:  Marriage – Kids
Can you say BRIEF!
Chapter Six: Kids to College
Lots of learning (maybe much of what I missed out on during my own first and formidable years), morning sickness, personal growth and just plain fun.
Now I am in Chapter Seven: College (2nd time around) – I do not know all this chapter will entail but I am so excited to find out!
Reflecting on the past is fun once in a while but envisioning the future makes me giddy.  There is so much room for opportunity and possibility.  What a great country we live in to be able to dream, live a life full of excitement and reach for the stars with only our own personal limitations to stop us.
I am outta here.  Got lots of memorization to do.  Currently trying to memorize what the minimum internal temperature a roast, fish, poultry, ground beef and steaks should be at to bring them out of the temperature danger zone!  PS- they are all different and for different lengths of time.
BRAIN FRIED! and loving it 🙂
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