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    One down, 42 to go!

    Sanitation and Safety (CUL104) is now done.  I have passed that class with flying colors and hopefully have gotten my certificate saying I know how to wash my hands properly.  I won’t know that for another 2 weeks. Not to worried though, I figure I have lived this long without to many visits to the hospital with food borne illnesses I can make it the rest of my life without to much trouble. Anyone want to come over for dinner? In all seriousness, I love school.  This next quarter though could prove to be my undoing.  I am registered for 4 classes, Monday through Thursday.  The only bright spot in…

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    Chapter Seven

    Today, in between frying my brain with studies and driving my kids to and fro, I began thinking about the new chapter in my life.  Which then began the thought process of all the chapters in my life.  I thought about each one and their significance in my life, starting with chapter one.   Chapter One: Birth – Kindergarten I am sure this was the most eventful time in my life.  With the arrival of me into a new world, new adventures every day and a learning like I never did again.  This had to have been a wonderful time of which I remember nothing.   Chapter Two: Kindergarten –…

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    Test Day

    Day 4 of Sanitation and Safety class and we already had a 135 question test!  Now to many of you that may not be any big deal, but to me, I would have rather cut off a toe or something like that then take a test.  Ever since my days of schooling I have been petrified of the word “test”.  So much so I still haven’t taken my driver’s license test for the state of Utah.  John has done everything but take the actual test just to help me along in getting my license current.  That was 1 ½ years ago.  They say I will have to register (take the…