A night at La Caille

La CailleLast night we had the awesome opportunity to have dinner with family and friends at the beautiful La Caille in Sandy Utah.  From the moment we drove on to the property it was an experience that will never be forgotten.  Yesterday, April 15, 2008 it snowed about 3 inches on the Wasatch benches.  That made for a grand drive up to the restaurant.  The brick road (about 1/4 mile long) was laden with snow covered trees, ponds with swans and grand gardens.  It was beautiful to say the least.

We were sat in the garden room (I don’t know what they call it but that is what I am calling it) with a perfect view out onto the blanketed grounds.  Peacocks meandered about adding to the peaceful setting the surrounded us.

Attending dinner was Connie and her husband John (Mary’s aunt and uncle – and real estate agent for all of us), Mary, Michele, Paul, John and I.  We had great conversation and fabulous food all within a three hour period of time.  Yes, three hours of being showered with the most fabulous food.

I must recommend the seared tuna dipped in tempura if you like fish.  What an explosion of fantastic flavor for one tongue to bare.  Now, if you are the kind who really likes your steak I am sure the filet would not disappoint since that was the preference of all 6 other people.  I couldn’t even hear myself enjoy my food because the others were moaning so loud over their entree’s.

Appetizers, salad, complimentary dish from the chef, entree’ and dessert were all fantastic.  But what would good food be without wonderful company.  Everything about the evening added up to be one of the best eating experiences I have had.  John and I talked of the top three dinners we have ever had and they rank like this:

Tied for 1st – La Caille (Sandy, UT) and The HerbFarm (Woodinville, WA)
2nd – The Georgian (Seattle, WA)
3rd – Seastar (Bellevue, WA)

So, that’s what we did last night.  (I can still taste the Irish chocolate that dripped from my dessert)

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