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    Update on favorite restaurants

    So, I have been informed of a few of the restaurants that probably should top my “Favorite Restaurant” list along with Seastar.  If I was making a list of more affordable but nice restaurants, Seastar would be at the top of that list.  But as was pointed out, (thank you John) I was making a list of all time favorites.  That list would have to include:  Canlis (Seattle, WA) and Cafe Juanita (Kirkland, WA).  Those were true culinary experiences and should not be forgotten (even though I did for a moment!)  My apologies to the master chefs of those restaurants and the man who forked out the cash for me…

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    A night at La Caille

    Last night we had the awesome opportunity to have dinner with family and friends at the beautiful La Caille in Sandy Utah.  From the moment we drove on to the property it was an experience that will never be forgotten.  Yesterday, April 15, 2008 it snowed about 3 inches on the Wasatch benches.  That made for a grand drive up to the restaurant.  The brick road (about 1/4 mile long) was laden with snow covered trees, ponds with swans and grand gardens.  It was beautiful to say the least. We were sat in the garden room (I don’t know what they call it but that is what I am calling it)…